Learn about each treatment process.

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Learn about each treatment process.

Step By Step

Our Process

Each procedure and treatment solution is a unique process however there are several essential steps that each treatment will follow. Below is a step by step guide on what to expect. When you are ready to schedule your appointment, simply select the schedule today button below!

Schedule Today

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Schedule Your Appointment

The first step in the process is to schedule your appointment. When you are ready you schedule your appointment by visiting the schedule today page and filling out the form. If you have additional questions that we can answer before you schedule your appointment you can contact us by phone at (503) 756-4885 or by email at

The Consultation

The standard appointment will begin with a consultation. During this consultation the procedure will be throughly explained, and any questions you might have will be answered. We will also need to check your medical history to make sure that any treatment you have requested is safe to complete. Recommendations on shapes and colors will be provided, and the details of your procedure will be mutually agreed upon before we begin. For some procedures a cosmetic pencil will be used to help you visualize what the final result will look like to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the design.

The Procedure

For the procedures that require it, a topical anesthetic to number the area will be applied. We want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entirety of the treatment. While different procedures will vary in length, please allow 1 to 1.5 hours from start to finish unless directed otherwise.

After-Care And Touch Up Treatment

Following the completion of your treatment, we will walk you through the after-care process to make sure that the treatment area is properly cared for. The treatment area might look darker then it will when it is healed for five to seven days, but it will lighten and soften once it begins to heal. A Touch up treatment is recommended within 4-8 weeks after your initial procedure to make any final adjustments to ensure you receive the exact results you were hoping for.

I was a bit nervous about getting my brows tattooed but Marcy made the experience comfortable and I love the results!Kiana FosterJune 1, 2020